Cassidy King Drops New Single “Wasted”


Photo: Vincent Farone

Cassidy King ruminates on doubt and hope when it comes to being vulnerable with someone in her new single “Wasted.” Produced by TyC, the track bursts with bittersweet moments where Cassidy croons capture the cautiousness and doubts that come with opening up to someone. Stream below:

“‘Wasted’ speaks on the difficulty of knowing when it’s safe to fall and being able to fully trust in that commitment when you can’t see what they see in you. I’m afraid to be vulnerable in relationships, especially when they’re good for me. I tend to chase relationships that aren’t healthy because being uncomfortable is something I’ve grown used to. I’m learning to accept someone unconditionally through the acceptance of myself. ‘Wasted’ is a reassurance that you’re worthy of good love and a reminder that it’s okay to fall, but only if they’re holding onto you tightly.”