snny Celebrates The Art Of Self-Reliance In “Postmodern Black”

For the free-spirited individuals out there

Photo: PR courtesy

Ivory Coast-born, Boston-raised, and now Iceland-based artist snny embraces self-reliance in his new empowering single “Postmodern Black.” It’s a swaggering canvass smeared with the hooky shades of pop, hazy tones of R&B, and breakneck intensity of hip-hop that are covered with ethereal ambient gloss. With his bold flair, snny beckons us to take a moment to celebrate our own individualism:

Speaking of the single, snny commented: “‘Postmodern Black’ is, to me, a sonic manifestation of my own self-reliance. It’s almost a superpower to be able to trust your instincts, and I wanted to render that notion with melody and instruments.  As a young African man creating in this era I have a responsibility to my kinfolk to champion independence and fortitude during these divisive times.  The title of the song is inspired by an essay written by Bell Hooks in 1990 called ‘Postmodern Blackness.’”

Stay tuned for more news from snny this year.