The Zolas’ “Ultramarine” Is About Our Highly Questionable Relationship With Our Phones

It’s very complicated

Artwork: Artist courtesy

As we enter the era of bendable galaxies and iPhone pros, The Zolas reevaluate our extremely bizarre relationships with our phones in new single “Ultramarine.” Those blue light-lasering screens are supposed to keep us informed, entertained, and connected – yet, we feel far more existential and lonelier than ever. “Ultramarine” is hazy, kaleidoscopic pop piece that dreams about getting rid of those rectangular-ish gadgets, which seems to be killing our soul, attention span, bank accounts, and eye contact these days:

“‘Ultramarine’ is a psychedelic fantasy about throwing our phones off a bridge and going out to look for real connection,” shared the trio. “In 2020, we’ve all been feeling the aches of internet addiction more than ever. It’s like an abusive marriage we can’t quite quit.”

The Zolas are Zach, Dwi, and Coco who are based in Vancouver and are in the process of getting a flip phone.