Dylan Emmet’s “Nervous” Is For All Of Us Who Look Cool But Cringing Inside


Photo: Artist courtesy

NY artist Dylan Emmett captures that weird, cringing feeling of nervousness we feel when we are falling for someone but trying to stay cool in “Nervous.” It’s like when your low cut socks are sliding down your feet and you’re trying to conceal the discomfort by pretending that everything’s perfect. Built on chest-swelling synths of hooks and loops, the track has a buoyant flow to it that capture the playful anxiety of such situations. Stream below:

Speaking of the influence behind the single, Dylan shared: “Almost every time I’ve met someone I ended up falling in love with, I’ve gotten this feeling in our first few moments together that we would end up being a thing. Still, you can never be sure, so I will forever try and  keep my cool. Nervous was all about capturing that feeling of panic and excitement when you’re falling for someone and are still trying to play it off like you’re not.”

Keep Dylan under your radar for more beats this year.