Noah Elliot Taps Into Our Fear Of Missing Ex (FOME) In “Never Feels The Same”


Photo: Artist courtesy

LA-based artist Noah Elliot takes us on a dark waltz in his latest single “Never Feels The Same.” It’s a buoyantly melancholic piece where Noah dives into our fear of missing ex or FOME, a weird kind of phobia that cripples you when you believe no one can love you like your ex did. But the despair of the lyrics is delivered in a smooth, digestible fashion through the cheerily moody production that induces both meditation and groove. Hit play:

Noah’s musical career started at the age of four when he toured with Zimbabwean-style marimba bands. In 2018, he released various self-produced singles that garnered over 700K Spotify streams. His first record was released back in fall of 2019 and he’s currently working on new singles that will be out in the next few months.