Blunda Shares The Art Of Acceptance & Moving On In His EP ‘Pulling For You’


Photo: PR courtesy

North Hollywood-based artist Blunda is the solo project of seasoned multi-instrumentalist Andy Blunda. He has played and toured with several bands alongside his solo projects. His latest EP Pulling For You is a record that was born during the pandemic lockdown and features songs that have been built on previous demos and singles from the past. Completely self-produced, Pulling For You is an emotionally indulgent EP that cheers you up or offers a shoulder to cry to, depending on your mood.

On his new EP, Blunda detailed: “When the pandemic hit, I was just finishing up composing the music for Season 5 of Jay Leno’s Garage. When that ended and my composing work slowed down I decided it would be a great time to write some new material for my solo project, Blunda. Interestingly, I found it very difficult to write as I watched the world around me fall apart. It seemed pointless and trivial to write music at a time when so many were suffering and daily life had become so fragile. Looking for inspiration, I went back through old hard drives of demos and songs that I had abandoned or just hadn’t gotten around to finishing. Many tracks being over a decade old, I found I could be more objective and play the roll of older wiser producer to my more emotional and artistic self.”

“I’m not gonna listen to what you say / I’m just far beneath you anyway” are the first lines of the opener “Low.” Comprised of synthesizers dipped in psychedelic colors, “Low” is a moody piece where its sparse lyrics illustrate a form of disconnection we often experience with people at times. The following, “Pulling For You,” starts off acoustically before the drums kick in at 0:43 and the poppy riffs start raining. “It’s a losing situation you tried / In a bruising conversation don’t lie,” chants Blunda.

The most starry-eyed moment of the piece arrives at “Fall,” which is characterized by stretchy, breathy croons oozing romanticism. Through slick, pitch-perfect vocals, he sings “I’ll never let you fall.” The artist takes a moodier approach in “Golden Heart,” where he reflects on the constant, breakneck changes surrounding us and how it can make us feel like aliens. “All you want / All we know / Is gone again.” Whether it is the pandemic, technology, culture, or relationships, “Golden Heart” addresses that feeling of loss we feel when the familiar is taken away.

The final piece “Carry On” is a buoyant pop piece with a tinge of country where he breaks down the art of letting things go and just accepting that “certain things can’t be saved.” It’s the perfect final piece to exit the EP as Blunda reminds us to accept our own limits of control and the value of moving on for our own sake.