Grapefruit Sound Lab Delivers A Message Unity In “Dum Dum Gun” Ft. Sarah Naughton

Folk pop

Photo: PR courtesy

Jersey-based Grapefruit Sound Lab recruits vocalist Sarah Naughton in his latest single “Dum Dum Gun.” Taken from his upcoming album Eight Days Across America, “Dum Dum Gun” is a politically-charged anthem that promotes unity. “Boom boom band and the bullet goes bang / Should be playin’ but you’re waving it, it’s always the same” chants Naughton. Starting off with a slick and shimmering violin, “Dum Dum Gun” is a minimalistic folk pop piece that blends elements of contemporary and classic sounds. The slithery strings yield a hypnotic sonic flow that offers a soothing soundscape. Lyrically, GSL and Naughton addresses gun violence and the divisive effects it has on people. Influenced by traditional patriotic ballads, “Dum Dum Gun” has a modern spin to it where GSL calls for unity:

“The melody for Dum Dum Gun came to me in a dream. It was an instant earworm that had to be dealt with. I was visualizing a medieval ‘puppet king’ being taken far too seriously by the subjects, sauntering by, only to be laughed at from behind. I also wanted, at some point, to compose something in this realm, so it seemed like I was being handed a celestial opportunity. In my own mind, the ‘home made solfeggio’ of ‘boom boom bang, &c.’  helped the lyrics flow.

This song is meant to bridge the divide and bring us together as friends and neighbors instead of dividing us, suspiciously as enemies.”

Robert Cotnoir is the mastermind behind Grapefruit Sound Lab who is known for his work as music editor for award-winning films. His upcoming record features collaborations with other artists such as Naughton, Amuka and Gina Volpe. Stay tuned for more news of his upcoming record.