Satellites In Orbit’s New Video “That’s True” Is A Trippy Galactic Odyssey

Hip-hop from our galaxy

Still from Satellites In Orbit – That’s True (official video)

Satellites in Orbit takes us on bizarre cosmic dimension in their self-produced single and latest quarantine video “That’s True.” Powered by multisyllabic rhymes bathed in indietronic production, “That’s True” channels their witty sense of humor and stretchy imagination as they send us a fusillade of quirky lyricism. Built on a cascade of thumps, it is a twerk-ready anthem where the duo’s vocals crash and blaze together over the gushing synths that yield a trippy atmosphere. There are subtle tones of funk punk beneath the propulsive layers, giving an avant-garde edge to its soundscape. But despite all this playfulness, the duo explores the daily anxieties that creeps into our minds through candid reflection. Whether it comes from an existential place or the breakneck growth of technology, “That’s True” reflects on the emotional complexity of modern angst while also taking us into a galactic voyage:

Satellites in Orbit is the collaborative project of Patrick Laundrie (DATACRON) and Adam Rushfield (DRGS) who are separated by exactly 2,970 miles. In other words, Laudnrie lives in Newport, Oregon enjoying the herban life whereas DRGS lives in NYC enjoying the urban jungle. The two met by serendipity in Las Vegas when they played in rival punk rock bands and somehow became lifelong friends and musical partners. The duo will be sharing more goodies in the upcoming months, so keep them under your radar.