Sluka Explores Optimism In The Apocalypse In “Vampire’s Ball”

Art rock

Photo: PR courtesy

San Diego art rock act Sluka explores beauty and optimism in a weird apocalyptic time such as now in their latest single “Vampire’s Ball.” The video, directed by Eric Bishop, captures our pandemic world by offering us a panoramic view of an empty city and the BLM protests. It’s an infectious smasher filled with thrumming guitar riffs, propulsive basslines, and pouring drum kicks where Sluka’s gruffy vocals soar over the impeccable production. “Vampire’s Ball” swings between the gritty and smooth ends of the sound spectrum as the pulsing beats and cinematic strings swooshes through your system. There is a sense of restlessness and hope throughout the song as Sluka dives into our generational angst in dealing with the chaos of our new norm and finding beauty within the disarray. Hit play:

On his new single, Sluka commented, “Created entirely in San Diego during an extraordinary period in human history…Try… to find the beauty within the horrors of your wonderful life.”

Sluyka is led by artist Christopher Sluka who was originally born near Seattle but spent his youth all around the world. During the initial stages of his musical career, Sluka performed across the New York Club scene and has built a wide fanbase around the world including the US and Japan. His previous releases include the Emotional Battlefield, Fear of Ordinary Life, A Matter of Perception, and many others. Sluka is also known for his visual artworks and surreal oil paintings that have been featured in various galleries across the globe including Tokyo, Milan, and New York. Aside from art, Sluka is also a distance runner and an aircraft pilot (he has his own flight school in his current home city San Diego).