Baseball Game’s Self-Titled EP Is A Feverish Trip To Love, Loss & Nostalgia

Dreamy, slacker pop

Photo: Jake Driscoll

Baseball Game sends us an avalanche of contrasting emotions in their self-titled EP where the duo navigates through the joys and voids we face with our existence. The opener “Baseball Game” floods us with gauzy layers of riffs that capture a form of addictive melancholia we indulge in when we reminisce about the past. “Woman” is a slow-burning waltz with hopeless romanticism. In “Feelings” the duo focuses on the art of practicing compassion in an age where we feel far more divided and isolated than ever. “See You Tomorrow,” the finale of the EP, is where the duo leaves us with the discovery of self-acceptance to make peace with ourselves. Each song injects you with a steady dose of sadness and euphoria that resonate the fragility of our own moods:

In their own words, “Our debut EP is a collection of songs about nostalgia, desire, melancholy, and loss. Writing this album allowed us to sit down with ourselves and sift through the most human emotions we’ve experienced this past year. Each song felt like a race we didn’t have to win, rather we let them develop at their own pace, never forcing the process. That is something Baseball Game as a whole, and especially this album, allowed us to do.”

Baseball Game is the collab project of LA/Nashville duo Adam Carpenter and Jason Bennett.