Pink Roses’ “Another Girl” Is An Ode To Pure Real Romance

No knock-offs

Photo: @ryanjayphoto

Pink Roses pay homage to genuine romance in their new single “Another Girl,” a tongue-in-cheek pop piece bursting with ear-gluing hooks that captures love at its pure original form. Lyrically, the duo takes us into a romance that ended abruptly – that weird, gut-wrenching feeling similar to when someone pulls out the aux chord of your earphones and the music stops. It is heart-professing ballad that comes with the pains and realizations of having lost the right one:

On the single, Pink Roses shared:

“‘Another Girl’ is about a relationship that ended suddenly. I fucked it up. And after she left, every time I’d wake up with someone in my arms, I wished I was waking up next to her. I didn’t want to be with anyone else; I wanted to be with her. It wasn’t until years later that I told her. while I was living in the monastery, she was all I could think about. eventually, I broke down. I poured my heart into a notebook, ran an entire pen dry, and put everything in there. when I returned to the states, I handed it to her.”