Stay Groovy & On Track With Briskey’s “Mesmerising”


Photo: James Hornsby

Aussie artist Briskey has shared his latest indietronic pop single “Mesmerising,” a bouncy piece coated with shimmering synths and a pinch of moodiness that evokes a sense of hope. It’s effortlessly hooky that injects frissons down your spine as Briskey ruminates on the challenges of maintaining a sense of purpose. Hit play:

On his new track, Briskey shared:

“This song came together pretty quickly and easily. I was in a writing session with my producer (JP Fung) and he asked me what the dream style of song that I would love to make, and from there we just began writing. A few days later I visited my best friends place out in the sticks where we hashed out the chorus and melodies for the rest of the song. We then finished it off in Plutonium Studios after a few revisions. The essence of the song is about a drive for a sense of purpose and trying to find that sense of accomplishment that came so easily when I was a child. Finding the road to that kind of state of mind is often challenging but it also reminds me not to give up.”

“Mesmerising” is from Briskey’s upcoming debut EP, which is still in the works.