Luke Wild’s “Everything Is So Hard” Is For Problem Magnets Out There

Life is kinda hard

Photo: JD Pankiw

Luke Wild captures the endless flood of problems that have increased exponentially this year in his latest single “Everything Is So Hard.” It’s a venting and empathetic soundscape that explores the financial weight, existential crisis, and mental health we’ve inherited from past years and has tripled (at least) by the pandemic. Layered with gauzy and lush synths, “Everything Is So Hard” offers a panoramic view of the beautiful pile of mess and bills we keep hoarding:

“‘Everything is So Hard’ was written before 2020, originally about the idea of younger people making their problems bigger than they are. I was driving one day and just said ‘damn everything is so hard.’ Being broke, doubting yourself, mental health etc. it was written as more of a light hearted comment, but now in 2020 it feels much more serious…..but I like that. I like how it’s evolved and I wrote it for everyone to scream at shows, and also comment on after something bad happens to them to lighten their own mood.”

The track is from his upcoming debut EP Sunburn, which will be out on September 18th via Terrible Records.