0171 Explore Existential Stasis In New EP ‘Change Nothing’

If you’re feeling stuck…

Photo: William Spooner

London-based duo 0171 explores the feelings of being stuck in a rut and the weird addiction we develop towards it in their latest EP Change Nothing. Comprised of five tracks, the duo breaks down our habitual inclination to live our days by rote and cling onto the past. From indulging in your ex memories (“Photograph”) to breaking away from futility (“Change Nothing”), the EP shuffles through all the sources that keep us stagnant in certain states. Enjoy:

Speaking on the title track, the duo shared: “‘Change Nothing’ is a song for the times you sit staring at a wall, and see days stretched out in an uninspiring line. But, as with all our music, there’s a kind of defiance in it as well. It’s you and me versus the sadness. It’s you at my side, trying to keep our heads up. The sound is aggressive – the message is not about giving up, it’s about shouting in the darkness.”