All Things Blue Share Anti-Gentrification Anthem “White Lady Dogs”

Dream punk

Photo: Shabnam Ferdowsi

LA-based band All Things Blue address the bizarre phenomenon of gentrification in new single “White Lady Dogs.” It’s a dreamy combination of garage rawness and razor-sharp punk where All Things Blue give the midfinger towards the rent pike that perforates your bank account along with the infection of pretentiousness. Inspired by singer India’s own experience of seeing her neighborhood change, “White Lady Dogs” is a firsthand account of witnessing the gradual loss of a community:

In her own words, “My first and current home since moving from Pennsylvania is an area sometimes referred to as The Jungles in South LA. I moved here when I was 18 so there was very little research on the neighborhoods of available apartments and more on the price of the rent. I signed my lease and got some ‘be carefuls’  from people offering unsolicited advice but, the sense of community was so strong. Our neighborhood was and is a family, with all the complexities and characters included. I feel lucky to be a part of it. While the sense of community still remains, things look very different now. It’s the classic gentrification happening. A hipster coffee shop, the original mom and pop shops slowly closing, fancy houses being built. Families and businesses and money start coming in from areas that house people who were previously ‘warning’ me of where I lived. I’m holding out hope for my neighborhood family but typically this ends with us all being unable to afford where we live. So yeah, get OUTTA here ya rich fuckin’ opportunists.”

“White Lady Dogs” is from their upcoming debut album Get Bit, which will be out on October 30th.