Margot Polo Waltzes On The Verge Of Loss & Hope In “This Old Thing”

Indie pop

Photo: Artist courtesy

Margot Polo returns with a new single “This Old Thing,” an emotionally-charged, midtempo pop piece that is sprayed with nostalgic indie roots. Over the chest-swelling atmosphere and propulsive riffs, the soundscape is weaved with dreamy guitar strings and piano that sends invigorating waves to you.  Lyrically, Margot Polo outlines the fine line between loss and hope that we find ourselves in when we’re trying to resurrect something. Hit play:

On his new single, Margot Polo shared:

“Admittedly, this is a bit of a shift for me stylistically, as my previous songs have been much more pop-influenced. But with all the events of 2020, I’ve been feeling reflective. I’ve been reconnecting with my indie and emo roots when I was growing up in California, playing music with my friends, and learning to cope with being a human. The lyrics are about resurrection — trying on the verge of loss to save something precious: a relationship, a dream, or faith. I don’t know if this will be a one off, or a new chapter in my writing life, but music to me is, and has always been, about friendship, love and connection, something we need now more than ever.”

Stay tuned for more releases from the artist this year.