Maro’s “carsick” Is A Drive-Thru To Messy Relationships

Meet the Lebanese artist

Photo: Masood “Mas” Bloushi

Born to Lebanese father and Ukrainian mother, Maro is a multi-cultural artist who started out uploading covers on his YouTube channel back in 2018 that quickly became viral. Now the 19-year-old artist is making his crafting his own sound using inspiration from both his diverse background and sonic influences. His debut single “carsick” illustrates a wobbly relationship where Maro addresses the love, addiction, and chaos that comes with it. Through slow-burning intensity and feverish riffs, Maro dissects the messiness of it with unrestrained candor:

In his own word, “’carsick’ is about my on-and-off relationship with a girl. Despite knowing there’s no point in trying again, I still do, which leads me to bad habits and a repetitive cycle.”

Be on the lookout for more releases from the rising artist this year.