Carmanah’s “Mountain Woman” Will Make You Wanna Climb A Mountain & Sing

Nothing crazy, just singing on top of a mountain

Photo: Artist courtesy

Carmanah makes us wanna climb a mountain and sing our lungs out with their latest single “Mountain Woman.” It’s an ode and camaraderie anthem to everyone out there who is actively fighting for climate and social justice, especially during this weird apocalyptic year we’re stuck with for another four months or so. Through gauzy layers of percussions and echo-laden choruses, “Mountain Woman” sizzles and bursts giving you the right amount of adrenalin to hit the nearest landform with the highest elevation. Enjoy:

“This song is an ode to people who press on in their conquests for climate and social justice,” shared Carmanah. “The environmental movement has oftentimes been labelled as “feminine” in a derogatory way. The countless people that we admire who speak out on how we treat each other and the planet are fierce and should continue to be unapologetic for their passion, regardless of gender.It is their presence that this song depicts, standing on a mountaintop stewarding the land and keeping a keen eye on the perils of capitalism, destruction and toxic masculinity.”

The track is from their upcoming album, which will be dropping in a month-ish.