KiNG MALA Fuels Us With Sweet Lust In New Single “sugarblind”

Pop rock

Photo: PR courtesy

El Paso-born, LA-based artist KiNG MALA taps into our lust for sweet pleasures in her latest single “sugarblind.” It’s synthpop glossed with the syrupy vocals of the gal where the cutting beats dance in a heart-throbbing locomotion that feel guiltily blissful. “sugarblind” is track for all of us hedonists out there who know that too much sweetness can be fatal yet we can never seem to quench our thirst for it. Enjoy:

Areli Castro is the mastermind who grew up in a Hispanic household. Passionate about LGBTQ+, POC and Indigenous communities, the gal openly speaks about mental health and is an unapologetic badass.