Pink Matter Give Us A Sleek Delivery Of Disco & Soul In “You’ll Never Know”

An anthem of friendship

Photo: PR courtesy

Brisbane trio Pink Matter takes us on a spinning journey of glimmering disco ball radiating soulful aura in new single “You’ll Never Know.” Co-produced with their close collaborator Harvey Sutherland, “You’ll Never Know” is out now via their newly signed label Daily Nightly. The track is an anthem of unity and friendship that taps into seeing the beauty in someone, which often times that very person seems to be oblivious of – check it out:

On the single, the band explained:

“This is a really special song for us, and we’re so stoked to have worked with Mike (Harvey Sutherland) again to bring it to life. ‘You’ll Never Know’ takes the perspective of a girl talking to her friend, telling her that, although she exudes beauty, she doesn’t truly see it within herself. This is a feeling I get with so many of my intelligent and beautiful friends that don’t have the inner confidence to see their own beauty. We’re hoping that this song will help them (and anyone else feeling that way) to truly see how much everyone adores them! On ‘You’ll Never Know’ we’re really starting to explore more of the electronic/disco side of our sound too, and are really looking forward to heading further in this direction as a three-piece under Daily Nightly.”

Stay tuned for more releases from the trio this year.