Speaker Face’s “Phosphorescence” Is An Ode To The West Coast Of British Columbia

Smooth, electropop

Video still from SPEAKER FACE – Phosphorescence

Toronto trio Speaker Face pay homage to British Columbia in their latest single “Phosphorescence,” a slick synthpop piece powered by violins and cellos that find the perfect midpoint between modern and classic vibes. The video, directed by Speaker Face’s Trent Freeman, features stunning choreography along with clips of coastal lands that take us hopscotching between the cinematic indoor waltz and comforting outdoor isolation. Hit play:

“‘Phosphorescence’ is a complicated love song for the west coast of British Columbia,” said Freeman. “While we feel so welcomed by the land and connected to the nature where I grew up, many people were displaced to allow our presence. ‘Phosphorescence’ is a thank you letter to those who were here long before us, specifically the Malchosen and the K’omoks first nations, and the early 1900s Japanese settlers, who were interned during WWII. We hope to see this beautiful place through their eyes.”

The track is from their upcoming album Crescent, which will be out on October 9th.