Grievous Bodily Calm’s “Mosaic” Is IDM-Infused Jazz Fest

And it’s soothingly thrilling

Photo: PR courtesy

Perth-based band Grievous Bodily Calm blends IDM (industrial dance music), classic jazz elements, and beat music in their latest single “Mosaic.” Along with the single, the band has shared a live video for it that captures the quintet’s performance chemistry. If you’re looking for a track to indulge in for a mental break, “Mosaic” has the intricacies of soothing moments and cathartic bursts:

On the single, they shared: “‘Mosaic’ is the first track we’ve written primarily in a studio setting. We wanted to experiment with our writing process by delaying jamming as a means of creating material which allowed for the direction of the tune to shift widely. The track title refers to the use of fragments of an initial melody to bloom into different directions and sections whilst maintaining a singular thread.”