Patrick Ames’s “You Make Me Scream” Is Your New Dancefloor Ticket

It will make you dance incessantly

Artwork: PR courtesy

Californian artist Patrick Ames feeds us with hip-shaking beats in his latest single “You Make Me Scream,” co-produced by Jon Ireson and featuring vocals of Chana and Mikaela. It’s a deviation from his previous works that focuses heavily on politics and culture. In “You Make Me Scream,” Patrick is playful and lets us indulge in the splendor of dancefloor as he beckons us into a soundscape of 80s smooth funk and contemporary disco. Within the groovy fluidity and swagger, there is a subtle edginess to the melody that gives it a classic rock feel. The riffs chop and flow as Ames’ voice spins with the stretchy choruses of Chana and Mikaela that summon our dance spirits:

“‘You Make Me Scream’ (YMMS) is dance music. After a year writing serious songs and protest songs about our country and the politics, and experimenting around on the edge of folk and other genres, I just wanted to dance. And in the middle of the Pandemic, after months of quarantines and isolation, I wanted to dance. I usually write songs beginning with one guitar riff and one vocal riff, and then place them together. YMMS was the vocal riff and it pretty much starts and stops there. With only 9 words in the entire dance song: ‘You make me xxx, so tenderly’, I’m more proud that I didn’t use ‘Baby’ anywhere. ; )”

Ames was born in a music household filled with Puccini or Motown. His mother sang opera while his father fueled him with pop radio. Ames started writing his own songs when he was 14 after his older brothers went off to college and he was endowed with their treasure of guitar and albums. But he took a different turn when he decided to go into book publishing business and it wasn’t until 25 years later that he started to play again. “I bought my son a cheap Fender and amp. He didn’t like it. I loved it. I cranked it up and played with abandon. And then it all came back, in spades.”

“You Make Me Scream” is the follow up of his six-track release Liveness, which was released back in April of this year. Keep him under your radar for more drops in the upcoming months.