Samson Ashe’s “Fun” Is A Shoutout To 90s Childhood

Millennials rejoice

Photo: Neil Gavin

London artist Samson Ashe pours out his love for 90s childhood in his latest single “Fun,” co-produced by P*nut (Amy Winehouse, Dido, Wiley) and BiLLY (Emily Burns, Betsy). It’s a heart-hugging R&B piece where Samson triggers all your childhood memories and the simple happiness of it. “’Fun’ is a nostalgic ode to childhood when things were more simple and there was no price to who you were because nobody cared…I really miss that. Unapologetically I am who I am and I miss and need that fearless kid that grew up in Stamford Hill…his honestly and unfiltered voice.. I hope the vibe’s captured, please enjoy,” he shared. Millennials, grab your wine and family album as you hit play: