Serinity Lynn Captures Young Love In New Single “U & Me”


Photo: PR courtesy

Hailing from Sacramento CA, Serinity Lynn is an 18-year-old artist who has been playing music since she was five. From covers to originals, Serinity has been making waves across the pop and R&B scene. Her latest single “U & Me” is out today and explores all the romantic echoes of past young love. Built on throbbing guitars and propulsive drums that melt into one glossy melody of dreamy romanticism, “U & Me” is a bouncy pop piece where its pop DNA is weaved with subtle tones of dubstep. There is a coastal vibe to the soundscape that gives the song a sunny disposition, making it the perfect track for summertime romance and even heartbreak. The syrupy vocals of Serinity channel a sense of longing towards a past lover that keeps invading her thoughts. “There’s a boy that is stuck in my head” she chants. The heart-tugging lyrics along with the glassy synths yield a playful wave of frissons that evoke starry-eyed memories:

“This song is inspired by events and conflicts that I come across in my life. Like all my music that I write, it’s romantic and simple and sweet. It’s interesting and leaves you wanting more,” shared the gal.

Aside from singing, Serinity is also a multi-talented artist who plays the guitar and piano. She has performed more than 200 concerts until now, incorporating her knack for dancing in her music. Stay tuned for more music from the gal this year.