Spooky Mansion Present Rock N Roll Mysteries In New Video “The Curse”

A paranormal adventure

Photo: Albee Zhang

If you need a multi-purpose motivation song, then Spooky Mansion’s “The Curse” is just for you. It’s kinda beachy pop that has been bleached with R&B shades that French presses you with sonic caffeine. As singer Grayson Converse notes, “I want ‘The Curse’ to be the song you put on early in the morning to get pumped for the day; the song you play in the Uber on the way to your first date to ensure you’re about to be the most rocking, dope version of yourself.’ I think we achieved some of those vibes and we’ll be honored if anyone ever uses it for those purposes.” The video, directed by Gavin Murray, is a mini docuseries titled Rock N Roll Mysteries: The Curse where we explore the highly questionable whereabouts of the band. Hit play:

On their video, the band commented: “Four years ago we created a short film called ‘A Space God Appears.’ The combination of narrative and music was so much fun we knew we had to do another. Charlie McCone came up with the idea – ‘Rock n Roll Mysteries – we gotta get paranormal next time.’ Four years later and it’s complete! With the incredible acting skills of Captain James T. Kirk and Jimmy Ray Flynn – this video brought us immense joy and laughter. Hope you enjoy it!”

“The curse” is from their upcoming sophomore LP, which will be out early 2021.