Speaker Face’s “Work Friends” Applies To All Your LinkedIn Relationships

Very discomforting & practical

Photo: Jen Squires

Known for making ‘earthy electronic’ sounds (according to IG), Speaker Face is the type of trio who addresses complex topics through syrupy melodies that leave you a bit uncomfortable but highly reflective. Their latest single “Work Friends” depicts the masks we wear in professional settings in order to fit in and get the job done. Basically, it’s the kind of relationship you’ve had with your LinkedIn contacts – a passive aggressive network of kinda friendly, highly quid pro quo, and always discomforting individuals. But dark humor aside, “Work Friends” is a catchy piece where the glimmering violin strings paired with the synths yield an irresistible folk indietronica sound:

On the track, the trio shared:

“‘Work Friends’ speaks to the masks we wear in the workplace. Forced relationships playing out in environments unnaturally curated to make us our most productive. This track is a covert dance party for the freak hiding behind a tightly buttoned shirt and uncomfortable shoes.”