Syrup’s “Sun” Is Your New Summer Mating Song

Disco meets pop

Photo: PR courtesy

Syrup is the collaborative project between childhood friends Harry Pratt and Henry Anderson, who are originally from Kingaroy, Queensland. Their latest single “Sun” is disco ball tanned with the lush colors of shiny pop that makes you feel like you’re sun-bathing in Eden. Through waves of hip-shaking riffs, “Sun” builds a luminescent dancefloor that feels very appropriate for any poolside adventures:

According to Harry, “The idea for ‘Sun’ came when Spring was handing over to Summer, jumpers were coming off and I was spending every other day in a mates pool. The whole aesthetic of this time bled through into the music I was working on. I’m especially proud of Sun as it is our first foray into self-production and a bold new step in our project.”