Donate Your Toxic Heartbreak To Reggie Becton’s “Listenin’”


Photo: PR courtesy

While we pretend to enjoy healthy romance, deep inside we all love sprinkling some MSG drama into our relationships when given the chance. Reggie Becton taps into our weird addiction towards toxic affair in his latest single “Listenin’” where he addresses a distant partner – who is clearly a saboteur – to come back. It’s self-induced heartburn that gives you a cornucopia of guilty emotional pains and pleasures of holding onto the wrong person. So as you cry and text your partner for the 69th time, play this:

“At its core, ‘Listenin’’ is about a yearning for someone you know isn’t really good for your being. It serves as one last call to a lover to see if they’re ‘Listenin’’ and if they understand that you are dying without them. It is about the end of a relationship that never really got off the ground, but it was still deeply felt,” explained Reggie.

Stay tuned for more drops from Reggie in the upcoming months.