Yanó Rude’s “Kalash Passion” Is A Smooth Serenade


Photo: Lloyd Mackayi

Atlanta-based, Gambian artist Yanó Rude shares new single “Kalash Passion,” a slick Afrofusion that blends hip-hop, pop and R&B seamlessly. Although it’s a serenade, Yanó defies all the traditional starry-eyed notions of serenades and reconceptualizes it to modern relationships by tapping into the hustling that comes with forming a connection with someone in this era. Enjoy:

“It touches on a few things going on in my life at the moment. The song is for man that want to serenade their girl and for girls to whine, smoke and vibe,” he explained, “it’s not all the time listening to hardcore tunes…. A badmon can switch it up and show a different side to your girl. The balance in hustling and loving and being gangsta and a gentleman.” Enjoy:

“Kalash Passion” is from his upcoming EP Kalashion, which will be out on August 27th.