Baby Queen Explores Our Relationship With Anti-Depressants In “Medicine”


Photo: PR courtesy

Hailing from UK, Baby Queen navigates through the tricky emotional and mental labyrinth we can get caught in with anti-depressants in her new single “Medicine.” Built on a bouncy melody, “Medicine” has a festive feel to it unlike the raw lyrics that taps into the tricky, unwanted dependency we develop towards pills. Hit play:

“It’s about a tangle of mental health and navigating your way through this world,” Bella shared, “whilst being so unhappy and equally disillusioned with the cyber landscape that we are forced to live inside, and the different ways people might numb themselves, or try to find a place where they can exist in amongst all of this fucking chaos.”

Bella Latham is the mastermind behind Baby Queen who was raised in Durban, South Africa and now resides in London. She broke into the scene with her single “Internet Religion” and has been making waves across the scene ever since. The gal is currently working on her debut EP, which will be released later this year.