JVLY & edapollo’s “windless” Is A Multi-Purpose Groovy Anthem

Psychedelia x R&B

Photo: Artist courtesy

Whether you’re alone or with a crowd, JVLY and edapollo’s latest single “windless” gives you the feels for it. And by ‘feels’ we’re referring to a weird kind of light bliss that you get to enjoy in all kinds of occasions – existential crisis, daydreaming, productivity, etc. The kooky bounciness in “windless” is what gives the track its hypnotic charm:

Speaking of the track, JVLY commented: “I like the idea of the same song making you feel a different way when you hear it in a different context. We wanted to create something hazy and dreamlike that you can get lost in alone in your room, but when you hear it loud around other people, it might have a different effect.”

edapollo added: “I started the instrumental back in early 2018 but it needed work so it lay dormant for a long while, until I started chatting with Kayle (JVLY) last year. I sent him some unreleased bits and pieces and the instrumental really resonated with him so he laid down the vocals which gave the track a new depth and feel. I think the final version finds a unique balance between both our individual styles.”

Be on the lookout for the official video in a few days.