Midnight Pool Party’s “Bang Bang” Is Your New Club Anthem

Time to dance

Photo: Midnight Pool Party

Midnight Pool Party return with new single “Bang Bang,” an upbeat risqué piece that makes you wanna swirl on the dancefloor all night long. Its smashing thumps and blazing vibes send adrenaline across your veins as the duo lets you soak on the playful nocturnal bliss. “The song is about dodging bullets, bad vibes and energies, while also dishing back on those back who taunt you. It’s almost like a pep talk to yourself, to psych yourself up to speak up for yourself, own what you have and not letting anyone bother you with their negativity,” shared Midnight Pool Party. Hit play:

Speaking of the song, MPP’s Morilla detailed:

“Initially I came up with a concept for the song which I showed to Ollie with some references of the type of vibe I was going for; before the pandemic hit us I was going out to gay clubs and listening to more club music, and a lot of music that was associated with the gay ballroom scene. Once I showed Ollie we sat down and listened to more club music as opposed to our usual disco styles. Artists like Disclosure, Fisher and Duke Dumont were references we used that made sense to us and the evolution of this new song.”