Shamir Takes An Animated Journey To Toxic Friends & Gender Dysphoria In “Running”

Pop rock

Video still from Shamir – Running [Official Video]

Philadelphia-based artist Shamir has shared his animated video for “Running,” created by Faye Orlove. The track taps into mental health and gender dysphoria that Shamir has been struggling with by being with toxic friends. Through its sizzling rock riffs and chic 90s vibe, “Running” rolls with a hooky pop flair that takes you on a mind-dazzling affair. Hit play:

“‘Running’ is a song I wrote about a time in my life when I was a part of a toxic friend group where I was the only non-cis person,” Shamir explained. “The song is from the perspective of me now realizing how much it affected my mental health after being a few years removed and realizing how much I was dulling myself down so I did not stick out any more than I already did — and also how that directly made me experience gender dysphoria for the first time ever.”

The track is from Shamir’s upcoming self-titled album, which will be out on October 2nd.