Boh Doran Leaves Addiction & Chaos Behind In “The Drugs Don’t Work”


Photo: Sarah Barlow

LA-based artist Boh Doran debunks the glamour surrounding drug use with creative pursuits in her new single “The Drugs Don’t Work.” Having moved on from that place of self-destruction, Boh shares her own journey of healing and evolving. Melodically, it’s a chest-swelling, dreamy soundscape where Boh’s echoing croons expand with pitch-perfect fashion. Stream below:

Speaking of the single, Boh detailed:

“Unfortunately, great artists are admired for being screw ups, drug addicts, and self-destructive. A lot of the successful ones we worship had people around to sober them up, bring them off their highs, and basically babysit them to be creative and finish things. In 2020 we have to do it ourselves, and there really isn’t any room to be that chaotic self- destructive artist.”

Be on the lookout for more singles from the gal this fall.