flyckt’ “Sumer Is Over” Ft. Paula Jivén Is Noir Eulogy For Love

From debut EP ‘Instant Gratification pt.1’

Video still from flyckt ft Paula Jivén – Summer Is Over (Official Music Video)

Stockholm-based artist flyckt invites us into a monochrome funeral for a broken relationship in his new video “Summer Is Over” Ft. Paula Jivén. Through slow-burning riffs, “Summer Is Over” capture the lingering romanticism and heartache that comes with leaving someone behind. Both flyckt’s and Jivén’s vocals yield a buoyant melancholia that captures the lingering feeling of longing for the past. Enjoy:

“‘Summer Is Over’ is a song about a dying relationship” flyckt explained. “It’s written about the wishful thinking that one day things are gonna be better; that you’re gonna wake up one day and feel everything you once felt. You know it’s over, they knows it’s over, but you’re hanging in there waiting for summer to come back.”

The track is from flyckt’s debut EP Instant Gratification pt. 1, which is out now: