Lydmor Demolishes Boundaries In “If You Want Capacity”


Video still from Lydmor: If You Want Capacity (official video)

Danish artist Lydmor returns with a new high-tempo banger titled “If You Want Capacity,” a thundering synthpop piece peppered with the sizzling elements of dance music. Lyrically, it’s an anthem that calls for unlimited badassery where Lydmor celebrates being open and aware of one’s potential. Along with the single, the gal has shared a video for it where we get to see her live mojo onstage:

Speaking of the single, the gal shared:

“I feel like they are very obvious lyrics to the people, that just don’t get it. The first line is ‘you want attention, not advice’. Meaning, when someone wants to talk about feminism or what it’s like to be a woman in the music business or whatever – what they really want, is just attention. The next sentence is ‘a minute longer in this room and I’ll die’ …because I think it’s so annoying.”