Zikai’s “Twenty Something” Is For The Young, Lost & Restless


Photo: PR courtesy

Rising Swedish artist Zikai embraces the uncertainties of being in your 20s in her latest single “Twenty Something.” Part celebratory and part self-reflective, “Twenty Something” is a canvass smeared with all the bad decisions, existential void, and youthful rush that comes with being an adult. “Last night I brought twenty-something drinks because the summer’s almost over” chants the gal. Enjoy:

On the single, Zikai shared:

“I came home from the club knowing that I would use the crazy things that happened that night for this song. I wanted to describe that feeling of waking up and not remembering much from the night before, except the mistakes and maybe some failed attempts to reach some kind of euphoria. It’s about being in your early twenties, and not knowing exactly what direction in life you should take or what type of people you should give your energy to. I know it may sound a bit dark but the happy chords and my high-pitched voice in the chorus is my way of saying it’s okay to feel lost because we all do sometimes.”