BIIANCO’s “Eighteen” Ft. Jax Anderson Is For Misfit Adolescents Out There


Photo: PR courtesy

Whether you’re enjoying the influx of teenage hormones or survived it, BIIANCO’s “Eighteen” ft. Jax Anderson goes out to all those unique souls who have felt like misfits during those awkward years. Maybe you were better at hiding it, but “Eighteen” speaks to that odd adolescent inside of you who felt like an uncool alien without a UFO or planet at times. Shoutout for being weird and not basic:

“We wrote ‘Eighteen’ about our personal experience feeling like misfit adolescents and the pursuit of breaking out of our small towns to pursue something bigger than our circumstances,” explained the duo. “We captured this theme through two charismatic and unique teens (Alex Stigliano-Waite and Nathan Rueppel) as they go about their days — clearly outgrowing the walls around them and, eventually, they find each other. And, while we are both womxn and include a lot of lyrics of ‘she,’ it was important for us to include teenage boys in the video to really show this story transcends gender.”