Lokoy’s “never missed you like i do now” Is Remedy For Homesickness

Minivan born

Photo: Mohamud Abdirashid

Norwegian artist Lokoy, aka bassist from Sløtface, is back with a new single “never mis you like i do now” where he reflects on being homesick and missing your loved ones. The track was born in the back seat of a minivan while Lokoy was touring with his band in 2019. Taken from his upcoming debut album due for release next year, it’s an intimate ballad that captures the wistful longing to be home:

Speaking of the single, Lokoy shared: “I guess I’m coming to a point in my life where I’m really starting to realise that everything around me is temporary. For example, my parents are getting older. And now thoughts like ‘I have to spend time with them before it’s too late’ are new to me. That’s what sparked the line ‘I never missed you like I do now.’ Though Chloe, who sings on the track, interpreted the line completely different, which I love. For me that chorus means many things, because it has different intentions behind it.”