Sleeptalk Embraces The Art Of Honesty In “100X”

Let’s rock

Photo: PR courtesy

LA quintet Sleeptalk takes on a poppier turn with their latest single “100X” where they tap into the value of honesty even though it may be unpopular at the moment. At its core, “100X” has the DNA of rock that has been covered with the hooky elements of contemporary pop. The track comes with a video shot and edited by Brandon Wolford where we get to see the five perform:

On the single, frontman Anthony Fitzpatrick shared: “Instrumentally, we wanted to go back to our roots and write something that has that genuine Sleeptalk vibe, while continuing to enhance our sound and grow as a band. The songwriting process started with the main keyboard riff accompanied by the bass line which gave the song its groove and feel. After finalizing it, we think it gives off the perfect blend of modern alternative pop and rock music. Lyrically, ‘100x’ is about trying to convince your close friend that no matter how much your opinion on something might be hurtful, you are telling them because you want what’s best for them.”