Vola Tila’s “Space Out” Is A Hypnotic Vacay From Reality

Psychedelic pop

Photo: PR courtesy

Swedish duo Vola Tila sweeps us to melodic midheaven with their latest single “Space Out,” a kaleidoscopic piece that takes your imagination swelling beyond the daily mundanities. Dipped with the shades of 60s psych pop, “Space Out” is a kooky piece that taps into all the emotional intricacies of any escapist’s desires. While the track injects you with the bliss of hitting wonderland, there is also a subtle heart-aching feeling that comes with accepting your own reality – which is often way less than ideal:

Speaking of the influence behind the single, the duo commented: “When you space out you gain perspective. And it becomes clear that you are observing what you thought was reality, except now you are seeing it for what it really is. Sometimes it makes you feel like an alien and you just want some company.”

Johannes Henriksson and Richard Andersson are the maestros behind Vola Tila who have been making hits for major artists like Passion Pit. The duo released their critically acclaimed EP Personality Apocalypse in September 2019 and has been making waves ever since. They’re currently working on their upcoming debut album.