Dirty Nice Wants You To Practice Spiritual Self-Care In “The Deep Down”


Photo: Henry Holz & Charlie Pelling

UK duo Dirty Nice washes us with a bursting wave of shuddering synths and sanguine riffs in their latest single “The Deep Down.” As the title implies, the track dives into soul-caring where the duo gives us a nudge to invest some self-reflection time with our favorite person: us. Enjoy:

On the track, the duo shared: “‘The Deep Down’ is the place where you keep your soul. It could be in your belly, at the back of your head or in an old box under your bed. Like the Picture of Dorian Gray it is weathered down by the consequences of living. Wherever you keep it, make sure you take good care of it and be careful not to ignore it for too long or it will become harder and harder to take it out and it will take longer and longer to heal. Accept it for what it is. It’s you…welcome to The Deep Down and good luck.”

Hailing from London and Bournemouth, Dirty Nice is the collab project between Charlie Pelling and Mark Thompson. They first started making waves across the Internet with their pop tunes and have built millions of streams since. “The Deep Down” is out now via Chiverin.