Psychic Shakes’ “Had To Stray” Is Farewell To Past Partners & Selves

Indie rock

Photo: Courtesy of Good Eye Records

Brighton-based artist Psychic Shakes gives us a song to tie any loose ends when it comes to relationships and self-growth titled “Hard To Stray.” It’s basically an amicable goodbye anthem towards your ex and a self-forgiving anthem for your younger, naïve self who may not have been the best partner. So as you bid adieu to your former life, play this:

“‘Had To Stray’ is a song about a past relationship. It’s a goodbye essentially. I knew this person when I was much younger, and far more insecure, and emotionally unavailable. It’s an apology for my behaviour, but also an acknowledgment of my own faults and forgiveness of myself.”

Max McLellnm is the mastermind behind Psychic Shakes who is currently getting ready to roll out his upcoming EP Unsaid, which will be out on September 25th via Good Eye Records.