T Truman’s “Loretta” Is Your New Fave Urban Dictionary Vocab & Song

He made it into a song so you can remember

Photo: Dane Falkstrom

The best way to expand your vocabulary is by memorizing a song about it and T Truman is helping us to learn a new Urban Dictionary word with his latest single “Loretta.” It’s piano-powered pop piece that has been polished with the sharp element s of 70s rock.  “I came up with the riff on a tiny keyboard in a hotel room in 5 minutes. It then took me over 3 months to come up with lyrics and a chorus that complemented it. Loretta should be my entry to urban dictionary as a term used for somebody who doesn’t reciprocate,” he shared. Memorize it:

“Loretta” is from T Truman’s upcoming debut EP Born To Be Right, which will be out on September 25th.