Akurei Takes A More Natural Approach In New EP ‘HAIRDYE’

All natural

Photo: Maxwell Byrne

Aussie artist Akurei, aka Connor Grant, returns with a new three-track EP titled HAIRDYE, where he departs from his usual style and takes a rawer, more natural approach. Weaved with shiny guitar strings, HAIRDYE has the signature indietronica pop touch of Akurei while also exhibiting an intimate simplicity. “HAIRDYE is the second EP I’m sharing this year. This one feels a little more transparent and rawer for me, which I always admire in the music I love. For the most part, these songs were written and explored on guitar before they hit the Ableton session which I found really refreshing,” shared Akurei. Enjoy:

HAIRDYE is out now via sumoclic, a label co-owned and operated by Akurei and Golden Vessel.