Honeyboys Spread Love, Hope, & Frissons With “Grapevine”

Take a break from the apocalypse

Image: Olivia Robertson

Californian band Honeyboys wants you to take a break from the ongoing apocalypse and enjoy the small joys of life with their single “Grapevine.” It’s a hip-shaking, pop ballad that has been sparkled with psychedelic MSG, 60s vibe, and funk. There’s a rock edginess to it that adds a layer of badassery. In the words of vocalist Ari Eisenberg, “the emotions in Grapevine speak to the desire of wanting to win someone back and recover joy. Ultimately though, this is a song meant to get listeners movin’ and groovin’ and leaving their troubles behind, at least for a little while.” Enjoy:

“On a surface level, the song is about the stage of a relationship where everything you’ve taken for granted is being put into question,” said Guitarist Reese Gardner. “It’s not a breakup song, but it’s about the last glimmer of hope before you do or don’t. There’s this inherent sense of optimism underneath the darker lyrics because often that’s all it takes to restore a broken relationship.”

Stay tuned for more drops from the band in the upcoming months.