Mera Bhai’s “Mañana Groove” Is A Timeless Disco Catharsis

Where Indian Carnatic music meets Arabic Rai and disco

Photo: Kamal Rasool

London-based artist Mera Bhai is hitting our reward center with a novel, fresh banger titled “Mañana Groove.” The track is an artfully crafted piece that combine Indian Carnatic music, Arabic Rai, and 70s disco that have been dipped with 80s/90s acid house and Detroit techno. There’s a tropicalia flair to it that makes it an exquisite summer party anthem. Along with the track, he has also shared a video directed and produced by Niall Trask. The color-popping, chintzy aesthetics is what gives the video a magnetic oomph:

On the influence behind the track, Mera Bhai explained: “I wrote this track during a pretty tumultuous time of my life where I was grieving recently lost family members and coming to terms with fraught relationships. I escaped to India for a few months by myself and set up my studio there, and this was one of the first tracks that I wrote.”

The track is from his upcoming debut EP Futureproofing, which will be out on October 9th via Moshi Moshi Records.