Hit The Coolest Frozen Time Party With Ayelle’s “Fast Life”

When you get to move but the rest can’t

Video still from Ayelle – Fast Life (Music Video)

Swedish-Iranian artist Ayelle invites us into a party where time is frozen in new single and video “Fast Life.” A graceful blend of R&B and pop, “Fast Life” finds Ayelle prioritizing self-care whiel dismissing the distractions that our breakneck culture tries to impose on us through media. The video, directed by Jackson Tisi, follows Ayelle in a party where everyone is in a freeze frame except the gal. Hit play:

Speaking of the single and video, “I wrote ‘Fast Life’ about deciding to stay in and self care instead of trying to keep up with the fast paced culture of social media and distractions. When I met up with director Jackson Tisi and producer April Chang they immediately got the concept and we dreamt up a world in which time has stopped and I’m free to go about my self care whilst everything and everyone remains frozen. We filmed it two weeks before the lockdown in New York in the same apartment where producer Stavros and I first wrote ‘Fast Life’ together. Then, weirdly enough, time did stop and watching the video back now kind of sends shivers down my spine because we had no idea what was coming.”