Meet Swedish Rockers Great Park Avenue & Their Debut “Blue World”


Photo: PR courtesy

Swedish rockers Great Park Avenue give us a dynamite of bombastic riffs and post-punk flair in their debut single “Blue World.” The track gives us a nod to classic Brit-pop while also showcasing their own melodic chemistry. Dripping soothing melancholia, “Blue World” is a lush and dark piece that nestle us into a coming-of-age narrative. Stream below:

On the single, the trio shared: “It’s about a girl who got herself into some shady stuff a while back. She always talked about how the future is already planned out for you, that no matter what you do you can’t change it, you’ll just have to go with it and see what happens. It’s also about a boy who feels like he can’t find the right words to properly express what he feels. Life’s either too short or too long for him, but time is relative so he will never find out which one it is. He hides, expressing himself through literature and music.”

Great Park Avenue will be releasing an EP this fall and a record next year, so stay tuned.